52 Fridays #13 – Illinois

american artistsI have a great fondness for the Midwestern state of Illinois.  It’s the place of my birth, and many of my growing up years. I especially love Chicago.  I was born just north of the city, and lived some years in a “far north suburb”.  I have wonderful memories of driving into the city with my “just licensed” high school friends – everything was a great adventure.  For whatever reason, just looking at this Illini art has taken me back to that sense of very present wonder.

I am drawn particularly to the first two works in this “52”.  Which do you like best?

"Dirty South Blues" by Dolan Geiman, Chicago

"Commuters #1" by Darren Thompson, Chicago

"Black Jar, Green Flower, Stripes" by Nancy Gardner Burton Isenstein, Oak Park

Melissa Banks jewelry

Botanical Neckpiece by Melissa Banks - Rapt in Maille, Chicago

handmade furniture

Spyder Table by James Pearce, Peoria


"Orange Cuckoo" by Lisa Kessler, Champaign

felt jewelry

Felt Flower Necklace by Michele Friedman, Chicago

todd pletcher pottery

Wood Fired Tea Bowl by Todd Pletcher, Chicago

Chicago art painters

"Survivor Spirit: with white hair" by Joyce Owens, Chicago

Chicago artists

5' Stained Glass Transom by Stanford Glass Shop, Chicago

Next Friday we pop next door and visit Indiana, for more fine Midwestern art! See you then.

9 thoughts on “52 Fridays #13 – Illinois

  1. How can you pick a favorite? It’s all beautiful. The jewelry is fabulous. The pottery, I want it all and the art, well, i love the woman on the el looking at her nails. Weren’t we all her once?

  2. My mom was born in southern Illinois and I spent a fair amount of time there growing up. It’s dear to me too, in ways that’s hard to describe. Rolling hills and farmland. I like commuters and the wood fired bowl. I love this series of yours and look forward to it each week.
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  3. road trip! the field museum. the art institute. the contemporary art museum. the aquarium. i’ve never been to two of those, and you note i didn’t include sports visits, which my boys would like. spring break, anyone? certainly i’ve been to the american girl doll store, which, when your daughter is in the phase, is a big deal. hooray for chicago!

    love the top one. the spider reminds me of harry potter – a good thing, but i wouldn’t own it – the tea bowl and the survivor are my favorites, but they are all lovely.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Illinois, especially the “Black Jar, Green Flower, Stripes” and the stained glass. Stained glass has an “other-worldly” feel to it as light filters through the glassy panel to color the world anew. Looking forward to Indiana. I lived there several years – after all that time, Indiana still wants me. 😉

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