52 Fridays #15 – Iowa

I once lived next door to Iowa, in Nebraska.  We would travel to Council Bluffs to visit friends.  My memories of this place are the flat, flat, fields, the surprising cliffs rising out of them and the flat, wide, rivers running in them.  I think there’s bound to be a lot of creativity when there’s a lot of sky….

Travelers by Kindra Noel - Des Moines

Iowa Artists

Stone Rabbit Pitcher by Elisabeth Maurland - Decorah

Iowa Artists

Cold by Rachel Arnold- Elkader

Iowa Furniture Makers

Midcentury Cabinet by Dan Neubauer - Ames

Iowa Artists

Sound Booth (pencil drawing!) by Laassa Kabel - Des Moines

Hand bound book by Gena Ollendieck - Cresco

Iowa printmakers

Shiny Things by Lori Biwir - Osage

Street Art by Brent Houzenga - Des Moines

Iowa Jewelry Artists

Empress Necklace by Cindy (CTThings) - Ames


True Blue by Hilde De Bruyne - Des Moines

It’s been a while since I’ve shared fun facts about a state in 52 Fridays.  As I’m from Ohio, and it seems that people often confuse it with Iowa and Idaho, it seems appropriate to differentiate this fine state.

  • Elk Horn is the home of the largest Danish community in the United States (yay!  I’m Danish!)
  • The most crooked street in the world is in Burlington.  (According to Ripley’s Believe it or Not).
  • Quaker Oats – the largest cereal company in the world – is located in Cedar Rapids.
Kansas – coming up soon!  xoxo

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