52 Fridays #16 – Kansas

This late night edition of 52 Fridays is dedicate to my dad, who from his sickbed today asked me “weren’t you supposed to post two 52 Fridays today”?  Yes, Dad.  Here it is!  I wish I could send you some chicken noodle soup along with it. 🙂

Kansas Painters

Sand River I by Lisa Grossman - Lawrence

sterling jewelry

Daisy Necklace by Julie Branstrom - Lawrence

Circles of Color Series 1 (old house paint lids) by Joelle Ford - Lawrence

Kansas Artists

Grocery Art Blocks by Suzanna Scott - Manhattan

Red Hot Cherry by Alan Chow - Prairie Village

Kansas painters

Girl with Black Masquerade Mask by Katherine Labbe - Burrton

Kansas Jewelers

Navy Blue and White Pendant by Nancy Bjorge - Lawrence

Kansas painters

From "The Earth Takes Us In It's Embrace" by Jane Voorhees - Kansas City

Kansas Quilters

Bigger Poppies by Sharon M.W. Bass - Lawrence

Remember, click on the images to see MORE of each artists work!

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