52 Fridays – #2. Alaska

Art tour of american states

Today we are travelling northward to our largest state, the 49th in the Union – Alaska. I had to do some digging for today’s gallery, but I think it was worth it!  I found some great traditional art at Alaska House, plus more traditional pieces and modern work from studio sites around the web.  Which is your favorite?  I’ll tell you mine at the end. 🙂

traditional alaskan art

Ulu, made by Maynard Lindor, Dancing Man Knives - Homer (photo British Blades.com)

alaskan jewelry

Lampwork Bead by Basement Studios - Juneau

alaskan artists and jewelry

Necklace by Rowan Law - Juneau (photo Capital City Weekly)

Alaskan pottery and art

Fluke Sea Salt Jars by Colette Oliver - Juneau

art from alaska

Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat and Cocoon by Lina Poulson - Wasilla

Modern Alaskan Art

Custom Stuffed Animal Dress by Rachel Sigmon - Anchorage

native alaskan traditional art and clothing

Walrus Intestine Raincoat by Christina Alowa - St. Lawrence Island Yupik

alaska house

Brothers on the Water by Alvin Amason - Fairbanks (photo by superk8nyc)

Sara Tabbert Alaskan printmaker

Surface, woodcut print by Sara Tabbert - Fairbanks

alaska art photography

Winter Boating by Dustin Boller - Bethel

Frankly, I feel a little chilly after working on this gallery.  It’s time for a cup of Chai!  Have you chosen a favorite yet?  I think it’s hard to choose – there really is a wonderful range of work here.

I think I’m going to pick the Ulu.  Functional beauty is my thing – and I love the contrast of ruggedness and razor sharpness in these pieces.  They’re supposed to be beast in the kitchen, too!

Next week we’ll warm up, I promise…  We’re heading to Arizona!

11 thoughts on “52 Fridays – #2. Alaska

    • Lisa, I know! I have to admit, I got a little excited – I love the combo of hot coffee and crisp winter air. Just read your email…glad you had fun last night, and I can’t wait for my Noonday trunkshow and giveaway! Talk to you soon.
      – Heidi

    • Thanks, Di! I like the bear painting too – I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but it’s 3D! And no, not a Lady Gaga dress – I think she prefers dead animal (meat) over stuffed animals. (blech!!). But you should check out Rachel Sigman’s Etsy shop – it’s amazing! She describes herself as “a mother, military spouse and make-up artist” and her crazy coutre dresses are REALLY cool. (Just click on the picture and you’ll go to her shop). Hope to see you soon!
      – Heidi

  1. My favorite is definitely the catapillar!! (easy to understand, huh?) I am so surprised I see such a huge difference already from the gallery of Alabama after seeing only two states. So looking forward to seeing the rest of the states!!

    • Midori, you’ll have to tell me why you like the caterpillar best? (is it b/c she’s so cute?? 🙂 )

      Re: the difference, probably every state in American has native art, but Alaska has a lot of modern native art as well as traditional, so it seemed right to highlight some of it. I love the variety, too, though!

      – Heidi

  2. Wow, really interesting art. I enjoyed them all – well, the intestine shirt reminds me of Damien Hirst’s animals in formaldehyde – but interesting as a curiosity. i’ll hang the boat picture on my wall in the summer, to remind us of the shivers.


    • That’s my daughter’s favorite too! (And my teenage neighbors’ favorite…). Actually, It’s just occurred to me that we may have a use for my little girl’s horde of stuffed animals! She’s 9 – maybe I can get it done in time for her prom.

  3. Thanks for doing this – one of the most discouraging things about being a contemporary artist in Alaska is the feeling that NOBODY outside of the state ever sees our work! I’m not sure why (maybe that big country called Canada in between us and the rest of the US . . . ? ) but I’m glad you took the time to explore!

    • Sara, I’m glad I did too. I have so many thoughts running around in my brain about the understandable discouragement of working in a remote place, but they seem to be forming a blog post – not a comment! I’d love to talk to you more about your experience as an Alaskan artist… maybe you can be part of my interview series? 🙂

      – Heidi

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