52 Fridays: #5 – California

Oh, California – how I love you.  How I long for you when I’m not with you.  Since I can’t be there today, I guess I’ll take this opportunity to look at some of your Cali-licious art!

I enjoyed this post so much – it does seem like rich natural beauty has to inspire abundant creativity, doesn’t it?  There’s so much to love here, but I think if I were to dig a little deeper, I’d spend time checking out California’s prolific street art and the interesting work done with plants.  Take a look, and then tell me what you like best!

california photography

Surfing by Graphylife - Huntington Beach

california jewelry artists

Silver Spinner Ring by Form and Funktion - Santa Rosa

California artists

Anderson Valley by Linda Donohue - Petaluma

california artists

Sea Anemones (polymer clay) by Angela Schwer - Windsor

california pottery

Handcarved Oil Bottle by Rachel of Sierra Clay Art - South Lake Tahoe

California flower art

Succulent Wreath Rose Garden by Pamela Newman - Los Osos

california artists

Hana Teapot by Kazem Arshi - Orange County

California painters

Lion on Tightrope by Kim West - Los Angelos

big wall art mural

Mural in Barcelona by El Mac - Los Angelos

california artists

Air Plant Installation by Petit Beast - Long Beach

8 thoughts on “52 Fridays: #5 – California

    • Lisa, you are too funny. I hope it was a good nap. 🙂 But seriously, if you make one, let me in on it! Maybe I could shoot a tutorial…

    • I love those natural pieces as well. I think I might ask my friend Lisa to help with a tutorial… that would be much more fun than doing it alone. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by again, Leah!
      – H

    • I love the air plants too! I had never seen anything like that installation until I came across Petit Beast. The rest of her goods are just as lovely. I’m thinking that my mother-in-law might be a recipient of some of those this Christmas. (Shhh – don’t tell! 🙂 ) Also, the lion on a tightrope painting was inspired by an old photograph from the Los Angelos Zoo. Apparently, there were performing animals there at one time. Interesting stories on Kim West’s website as well.
      – H

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