52 Fridays: #7 – Connecticut

The fifth state in our union, Connecticut is home to many “firsts” (and probably “fifths” as well).  A few noteworthy facts:  Connecticut is home to the United States’ oldest public library, is the birthplace of Noah Webster (of dictionary fame), and home to the first polaroid, hamburger, helicopter and color television.

As you’ll see, it’s also home to intriguing artists of all stripes…  enjoy the beauty!

Connecticut painters

"Dusk" by Lisa Hess Hesselgrave - New Haven

Connecticut artists

"Bursts and Stripes", hand dyed and printed quilt by The Cotton Press - Bridgeport

connecticut jewelers

"Forest Floor" by Jana Nigles-Berg - Norwalk

"Slipstream" by Susan Spaniol - West Hartford

Connecticut Nature Installment Art

"Nature Nourishes" by Karen Talbot (R.I.) and Lori Robeau - Vernon

Connecticut artists

"I am She" by Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong - Bridgeport

fiber art cards connecticut

"B Movie Heroine" by Lisa Corson - Hartford

connecticut furniture maker

Mid Century Rocker with Ottoman by Michael C. Trebbe - Hampden

Connecticut Bakery

Van Gogh Cake by Hope Wright-Martell, A Little Imagination Cakes - Middletown

Beaded Embroidered Bracelet by Jill Paris Robbin - Simsbury

A disclaimer:  this is 52 Fridays… but it’s Sunday.  I know.  I actually totally forgot about 52 Fridays until my daughter asked if she could see the new post.  Whoops!  I guess it’s a week before Christmas, and my head is elsewhere.  I tried to make it up by including some extra amazing art. 🙂  Hope you will forgive me!

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