My name is Heidi Muller, and I’m behind Mish Mash Make.

I am drawn, moth – flame style, to creative people.  If I am in a crowd, and sense an “inspired” vibe rolling off of someone, I want to seek them out, and know them.  I want to become a friend and confidant.

The essays in this blog are a direct result of my infatuation with creative sorts.  Poets?  I want to hear your words.  Potters?  I want to touch your clay.  Musicians?  I want to rock out with you.

But I’m not only intrigued by creatives in a traditional sense.  I am currently nuts about entrepreneurs – what a visionary bunch!  And kids who make things, who create art from tin foil and toilet paper – I’m amazed by their lack of inhibition.  Concrete masons, preachers, chronic furniture movers – those who make something from nothing… in their presence I’m wide open to inspiration.

The Maker gene is in me too.  I am restless and empty if I am not baking, painting, up-cycling, writing… well, you get it.  I am a maker, and I am made. All of the sparkles in my eye, all of the ideas spilling onto pages, all of the yearning to build and create are intrinsic to my – to our – DNA, passed on to us by our Maker and Creator.

This blog is as close as I can get to a coalescence (a mish mash, if you will) of the varied ideas, projects and people who interest me.

In the spirit of full disclosure, a big part of my life is cooking food, folding laundry, resolving conflicts, making up songs, and otherwise contributing to the making of my five creative children. I also love to teach the Bible and talk about my creator at my favorite little grass-roots church, NEOXenos Christian Fellowship.


    1. Thanks, Deanne. You’re so encouraging! I am really excited (and overwhelmed) by the BYW class. There is a lot to think about. Glad to be going through with so many interesting people!

  1. Love your new blog! I am sooo inspired by BYW and am sad that it’s over. I’ll be launching my new blog soon (hurry up blog designer person!). I think there will be some useful synergies between our two blogs – mine is about the creative process and what inspires me. Anyhow, more later, skater!

  2. LOVE the 52 Fridays project. Found it during research for an article we are about to post concerning the importance of art education. We will be “sneaking” in a link to encourage the article readers to “voyage” over and take a look at your site! Best!

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