My name is Heidi Muller, and I’m behind Mish Mash Make.

I am drawn, moth – flame style, to creative people.  If I am in a crowd, and sense an “inspired” vibe rolling off of someone, I want to seek them out, and know them.  I want to become a friend and confidant.

The interviews in this blog are a direct result of my infatuation with creative sorts.  Poets?  I want to hear your words.  Potters?  I want to touch your clay.  Musicians?  I want to rock out with you.

But I’m not only intrigued by creatives in a traditional sense.  I am currently nuts about entrepreneurs – what a visionary bunch!  And kids who make things, who create art from tin foil and toilet paper – I’m amazed by their lack of inhibition.  Concrete masons, preachers, chronic furniture movers – those who make something from nothing… in their presence I’m wide open to inspiration.

The Maker gene is in me too.  I am restless and empty if I am not baking, painting, up-cycling, stitching… well, you get it.  As I go along my making way, I’ll share great some DIY’s with you, as well as the best of the creative blogosphere.

This blog is as close as I can get to a coalescence (a mish mash, if you will) of the varied projects and people who interest me.

In the spirit of full disclosure, a big part of my life is cooking food, folding laundry, resolving conflicts, making up songs, and otherwise contributing to the making of my five creative children.

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  1. You got me hooked! I love your approach! I am excited to see who you are drawn to and write about. People are indeed so inspiring. I have spied you through the blogging class decor8. Isn’t it just riveting!

    • Thanks, Deanne. You’re so encouraging! I am really excited (and overwhelmed) by the BYW class. There is a lot to think about. Glad to be going through with so many interesting people!

  2. Love your new blog! I am sooo inspired by BYW and am sad that it’s over. I’ll be launching my new blog soon (hurry up blog designer person!). I think there will be some useful synergies between our two blogs – mine is about the creative process and what inspires me. Anyhow, more later, skater!

  3. I am enjoying your blog. I love the 52 Fridays Project! There is great talent out there. Thank you for sharing. And, I wanted to say thank you for featuring my piece in “Idaho”. That was a surprise to discover!

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