In real life, I have to settle down and focus. Pick a thing, and do it. This is being grown up, this is pushing through the tough stuff for the better stuff.

But truth is, finishing, maintaining– these have never been my fortés: I love to start it up!

“That’s not good,” one might say. “You have to be disciplined and follow through. Do the mundane, monotonous, monogamous.”

I know. It’s true. I do have to learn to do those things, and I have (to a large extent.)

But this space is going to be for all the things.
Messy, in-progress, organic, unscheduled.

Not “uncategorized,” but…. definitely more categories than anyone needs.


Life is so full of interesting people, ideas, art, animals, practices, books, tips, conversations, leaves, bugs, articles–I really don’t ever want to hold myself back from all this–everything.

So this site is my indulgence, my smorgasbord, my musings, findings, and makings. I hope that you find something here to pick up, turn over, wonder about, and put in your pocket.


Also, just in case you’d like to know some more about me: a big part of my life has been spent cooking food, folding laundry, resolving conflicts, making up songs, and otherwise contributing to the making of my five creative children. Now that they’re growing up, I do brand voice strategy and copywriting over at Bright Light Writing. I also love to teach the Bible and talk about my creator at my favorite scrappy grass-roots church, Freedom Fellowships in Kent, Ohio.