52 Fridays #19 – Maine

Gentle Readers,

After another week of sickness (argh!), 52 Fridays is again being published on a not-Friday.  As well, since I had less time to work on this collection, I sourced everything from Etsy.  Usually, I work from a variety of resources.

Regardless of my “off week”, I found myself really responding to each of the artists I’m sharing with you.  This isn’t always the case with Etsy, in my growing state-by-state experience.  So yay for Maine Etsy artists!  You’ve got some fine bodies of work. Thanks!…

Maine Artists painting

Yellow House by Jennifer Judd-McGee - Northeast Harbor

Maine landscape painting

Marsh Road by Mary Ann Cary - Cape Elizabeth

Maine jewelry artists

Little Sea Swimmer from Tuizui collection by Ann Jenkins - Bar Harbor

Maine fiber artists

Custom Little City Kid Portrait by Melissa Crowe - Portland

maine woodworkers

Hobbit Hole Garden House by Wooden Wonders - Thorndike

Maine potters

Raku Red Crowned Crane and Moon by Rocky Mann - Bar Harbor

customized ceramic pet sculptures

Customized Dog Clay Sculpture by Indigo Twin - small town 🙂

Maine artists

Hand Printed Wallpaper, Bird Design by Modern Bohemian - Portland

Maine artists

Seagull by Kathryn Robertson - Machias

Maine fiber artists

Moon and Trees Batik by Suzanne Drown - South Portland

52 Fridays #18 – Louisiana

Lots of birds and color this week…  it must be Spring!

Louisiana painters

Broken Wing by Donny Gallagher - Youngsville

Louisiana painters

Through the Streets by Terrance Osborne - New Orleans

Louisiana artists

Gunshot Landscape by Margaret Evangeline - New York (via Louisiana!)

bird paintings

Lories by Hunt Slonem - somewhere north of Baton Route/ St. Mary Parish/ Kingston, NY

Northern Louisiana painting

Wildflower Road by Karen Mathison Schmidt - farm country, Northern Louisiana

louisiana jewelry

Key to Your Heart by Kiki Huston - New Orleans

rashida ferdinand

Vessel by Rashida Ferdinand - New Orleans

new orleans art

This You Must Know by Brad Benischek with Berman Black - New Orleans

Baton Rouge artists

Fox Mug by Barbara Donovan - Baton Rouge

bright bird painting

You are Beautiful by Julia Eves - New Orleans

52 Fridays # 17 – Kentucky

52 Fridays art tour of america


Guide by Carolyn Young Hisel - Lexington

Kentucky artists

Red Barn #3 by William Renzulli - Paducah

House 1-16 (on left) and House 1 (on right) by Marcia Alscher - Covington

kentucky artists

Willow Bark Basket by Jennifer Heller Zurick - Berea

Kentucky Painters

Horizon Watch by Angie Reed Garner - Lexington

Kentucky artists

Give Peace a Chance, Recycled Soda Can Earrings by Jennifer Stephenson McLamb - Lexington

Grouping of Small Paintings by Bill Santen - Lexington

Kentucky artists

Buzzard's Roost - Guy Mendes

Kentucky fiber arts

Miyo, Miyo (on left) and Nuestra Señora de la Merced (on right) by Dobree Adams - north of Frankfort

Kentucky pottery

Reduction Cooled Wood Fired Vase by Patrick Rademaker - Louisville


52 Fridays #14 – Indiana


I really enjoyed my tour of Indiana this week.  It seems like there is a lot of art going on there, lots of young artists, and lots of support for the arts.  I have a theory that I’m cooking up about arts in the Midwest.  When it’s fully baked, I’ll share it with you.  Until then, enjoy Indiana, friends!  (Don’t forget that you can click on the images and visit the artists’ websites – it’s nice to see their entire body of work).

indiana artists

Abstract by Marianne Glick - Indianapolis

Indiana Artists

Bull in a China Shop by Lesley Baker - Indianapolis

indiana contemporary painters

Circle Center by Ryan Petrow -

Nancy Keating Indiana glass artist

Kitchen Kitch by Nancy Keating - Carmel

Indiana Artists

Decaying Consciousness by Joseph Crone - Indianapolis (pencil on acetate)

indiana artists

Etched Grasslands Necklace by Lisa Hopkins - West Lafayette

indiana pottery

Blue Raku Jar, Steve Vachon and Sue Davis - Fort Wayne

Indiana designers

Deco Panel by Lucia Bennett, Moda Industria - Bloomington

Indiana printmakers

Boy with Headphones by Flatland Kitchen (Erik and Rebekah Nolan) - Indianapolis

indiana artists

Creed by Kyle Ragsdale - Indianapolis

Favorites, anyone?

52 Fridays #13 – Illinois

american artistsI have a great fondness for the Midwestern state of Illinois.  It’s the place of my birth, and many of my growing up years. I especially love Chicago.  I was born just north of the city, and lived some years in a “far north suburb”.  I have wonderful memories of driving into the city with my “just licensed” high school friends – everything was a great adventure.  For whatever reason, just looking at this Illini art has taken me back to that sense of very present wonder.

I am drawn particularly to the first two works in this “52”.  Which do you like best?

"Dirty South Blues" by Dolan Geiman, Chicago

"Commuters #1" by Darren Thompson, Chicago

"Black Jar, Green Flower, Stripes" by Nancy Gardner Burton Isenstein, Oak Park

Melissa Banks jewelry

Botanical Neckpiece by Melissa Banks - Rapt in Maille, Chicago

handmade furniture

Spyder Table by James Pearce, Peoria


"Orange Cuckoo" by Lisa Kessler, Champaign

felt jewelry

Felt Flower Necklace by Michele Friedman, Chicago

todd pletcher pottery

Wood Fired Tea Bowl by Todd Pletcher, Chicago

Chicago art painters

"Survivor Spirit: with white hair" by Joyce Owens, Chicago

Chicago artists

5' Stained Glass Transom by Stanford Glass Shop, Chicago

Next Friday we pop next door and visit Indiana, for more fine Midwestern art! See you then.

52 Fridays: #12 – Idaho

I had some difficulty with Idaho this week.  It wasn’t easy to find artists to showcase – artists who fit the grid through which I look for 52 Fridays work.  I look for art that I like. (always).  I look for art that is representative of its locale. (sometimes).  I have to look for art that has been photographed nicely, and of course, that is somewhere on the world wide web.

Idaho isn’t the first state that’s presented me with a bit of a challenge, but this is the first time I’ve shared it.  I’m realizing the very limited nature of my endeavor.  It’s wrapped up in this:  if an artist is painting somewhere, and no one sees it, has she made art?   Sara Tabbert took this thought a bit further when she mused about those artists around the world who work twelve hour days to provide for their families, who can’t afford traditional supplies, who live nowhere near a gallery, and who may only have their masterpiece in the mind’s eye.

I believe that of course, art is made despite the presence of an audience.  I guess the same craggy terrain that keeps Idaho population in the lowest 5th percent of our nation must also hide some of the artists who are seeing, dreaming and making there.  I only wish I were able to explore more deeply.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m pleased with the ten artists I’m able to introduce you to today.  What do you respond to?  Which are your favorites this week?

rainbow trout coasters

Rainbow Trout Coasters by Jan Briggs - Harrison

Idaho artists

"Unavailable" by Sarah J. Moore - Coeur d'Alene

Idaho artists

Untitled by Davs - Lewiston

Idaho painters

"Lavender Field" by Gwen Toomalatai - Weiser

Idaho artists

Sand and Water 2, art quilt by Kathleen Probst - Meridian

Idaho photography

Abandonded Farmhouse near Prairie, Idaho by David Ryan - Boise

Idaho potters

Mug by Erin Lunstrom Pietch - Boise

Idaho Artists

Mandolin by Ashley Silvernell Quick - Boise

Idaho art

Ginny Potato Sack Purse by Potato Boutique - Idaho Falls

abstract painting Idaho artists

"There, Mary" by Connie K. Sales - Nampa

Well, there’s my own private Idaho, now shared with all of you!  Next week, we visit the land of Lincoln and my birthplace – Illinois!

52 Fridays: #11 – Hawaii

Art tour of America

Aloha oukou!  It’s a good Friday indeed when we’re talking about Hawaii…  Imagine the white sands, crystal blue waters, bright flowers and warm sun.  Mmmmmmmm-mmm!

This week, I’ve made an exception to the rule by featuring Toshiko Takaezu. She passed away in March of 2011, and although I only feature current artists (and less well known artists), I had to include her.  Her work typifies what I love about clay.  Also, she spent much of her adult life off the Islands, but as she was born, educated and spent her last years in Hawaii, she certainly counts as a Hawaiian artist!

With no further ado…

Wana Sea Urchin Pendant Necklace recycled reclaimed sterling silver

Wana Sea Urchin Pendant Necklace by Kelley Girls

bright floral Hawaiian scarf

Orange Wildflower Meadow Scarf by Takuyo - Kapaa

Royal Hawaiian by Kat Reeder - Oahu

Mark chai hawaiian artist

Barrel Chair by Mark Chai - Kailua

hawaiian artists

Closed Forms by Toshiko Takaezu

David Reisland fine furniture

Bamboo Buffet by David Reisland - Captain Cook

Hawaiian surf photography

Dream of Surfing by Robert Pascua - Haleiwa

hawaiian surf art

Diving into Life by Windy Springs - Haiku-Pauwela

Ellen Crocker Hawaiian artist

Fabric Collage by Ellen Crocker - Captain Cook

Hawaiian watercolor painting

Kauai Blue Cottage by Marionette - Koloa

This week, rather than leaving you with “fun facts” about Hawaii, I’m going to point you to a post from Raincoast Cottage, where Sandra has just written There’s Nothing Like Hawaii.   I promise, we’ll all wish we were heading there for the weekend (or year)…

Take care, friends -Malama pono.  See you next week in Idaho.

52 Fridays: #10 – Georgia

I love what I know of Georgia, although admittedly, that is not a lot.  My impressions:  the red dirt, the mountains, the mist, the super hip city of Atlanta rising up in the midst of it.   As of this week, I know a little bit more, and it looks like there is a pretty cool art scene in this peach of a state!  I am particularly impressed with Troy Wandzel’s work – click on the picture to check out more for yourself!  Have fun, y’all.

studio on 31st

Studio on 31st from the Mirror Series by Troy Wandzel - Savannah

Georgia Painters

"Lively Chatter" by MarianneB Van Der Haar - Atlanta

Georgia potters

Wood Fired Chawan by Roger Jamison - Juliette

Coastal Georgia Art

The Beach (G) by Katherine Sandoz - Vernonburg

Georgia fiber artists

Wool Felt Pods by Sonja Yong James - Atlanta

Georgia sculptors

Miss Haricot Vert by Tom Haney - Atlanta

Atlanta Pottery

Bird Bowl by Katy McDougal - Atlanta

Georgia jewelers

Destiny Band by Dellas Thompson - Atlanta

Colorful city painting

"Kate Lives Here" by Cindy Batten - Marietta

Georgia painters

Watercolor World Map #6 by Jessica Durrant - Atlanta

Fascinating facts:

– Wesleyan College in Macon was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women.

– Stone Mountain near Atlanta is one of the largest single masses of exposed granite in the world.

– The sweetest onion, the Vidalia, can only be grown in the fields around Vidalia and Glennville.

Next Friday, friends, we hit Hawaii!  I’m so excited!  I’ve always wanted to go there…

See all the art in the 52 Fridays series here!

52 Fridays: #8 – Delaware

Introducing 10 artists from the tiny state of Delaware…  Tell me which are your favorites!

delaware artists photography

Abbott's Mill in Snow by Bob Connelly - Milford

delaware artists clay

Porcelain lentil bead in Blue Honey Glaze by Marsha Neal - Hockessin

delaware artists

Roscoe Luminaire by Danielle Quigley - Wilmington

delaware artists

Hummingbird's Tale by Hunter Clarke - Ardencroft

delaware state fiber artists

Block Printed Hemp and Organic Cotton Fabric by Jennifer Nelson - Greenwood

delaware artists

MW Posies Bicycle by Alan Brown - Bear

delaware artists

"Brittany and Ryan's Wedding" by David Burslem - Arden

delaware artists

Elephant by Nicole Kristiana FitzGibbon - Wilmington

delaware bead artists

Fiber and Bead Pendant by Meg Fillmore - Laurel

delaware artists

Jubilation by Karen Wolf

My favorite facts about Delaware

– It was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, in December of 1787

– It is the American home of the log cabin – a Finnish traditional structure. In America they were built by Finnish settlers who had brought plans with them on their journey.

Remember, today is Make Up Day on 52 Fridays!  This afternoon, look forward to Florida, where I found a plethora of warm, bright, colorful works.  If it’s gray where you are, check in for a jolt of sunshine later today!

52 Fridays: #9 – Florida

I’m really impressed with this collection from Florida, the Sunshine State.  From traditional pottery to bright abstracts, the state seems to have a lot of everything!  I especially love the natural references in the first piece…

Florida artists

Fragmented Perimeter by Rick Cain - Micanopy

Florida Photography

Sailing Along by Jessica Palotas - Sarasota

Florida potters

Matcha Chawan Tea Bowl by Ray Morales - Miami

Florida ceramics

Elephant Tile by Carrie Martin - Tallahassee

florida woodworking

Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelf by Amy and Dave Kellum -Bonita Springs

Florida painters

Small Abstract by Gina Perillo - New Smyrna Beach

Florida jewelers

Ocean Ring by Natasha Kahn - Miami

Florida Jewelers

Orange Shell Necklace by Sarah - St. Petersburg

Florida potters

Dangerously Spiky Lidded Travel Mug by Symmetrical Pottery - Jupiter

Florida painters

Some More Time by Sergio Lazo - Miami

Fun Facts about Florida…

– Venice is the shark tooth capital of the world, a great place to hunt for prehistoric teeth!  (My 11 year old son found one near there…  such an adventure!)

– St. Augustine is the oldest European settlement in the United States.

Happy New Years Friends!  See you in 2012!