The Best Artsy Cooksy Book Around!


A couple of months ago, I saw this recipe book over at Design Mom.  They Draw and Cook, both blog and recipe book, compiles artist-illustrated recipes from around the world.

Artistic cookbook

I quickly zipped over to check out the They Draw and Cook blog.  It is so, so, so cool! Then I bought two cookbooks.  Immediately. One was for myself, and the other was for someone else, anyone else, because I knew that this was going to be HOT.

Just a couple of days later, I received an ever thrilling brown box from UPS.  Inside were two cookbooks.  I hunkered down on my couch and was mesmerized. Page after page of drool-worthy art drew me in first, but the recipes are just as captivating!

They Draw and Cook

My daughter joined me for a while, and later, came back with this:

They Draw and CookShe went on to create food drawings for an ice cream shop, a taco stand, a bento box lunch business, a baked potato bar….  Basically, They Draw and Cook is quite inspiring!

Here are a couple more peeks inside:

They Draw and CookThey Draw and CookThey Draw and CookIllustrated RecipesThey Draw and CookThey Draw and Cook Recipe BookWhen I was wrapping the second They Draw and Cook to give away to a friend, I happened to flip through again, and read (for the first time) the profiles of the Salli Swindell and Nate Padavik.  Imagine my surprise when I found that Salli Swindell lives in the same small town that I do!  I’m hoping that I’ll run into her someday at the market, so I can hug her, tell her how much I love this book, and ask her for an interview. 🙂

If you’re interested in having this cookbook for yourself, you can order They Draw and Cook from the website.  There are also wonderful prints of some of the artwork, as well as other fun arsty-gifty-cooksy kinds of things.


Poke the Box (But Not Too Hard) – A Book Review of Seth Godin’s Latest

Over Halloween weekend, I read Seth Godin’s newest book, Poke the Box. I find it fitting that I read this tiny tome between bites of fun-sized Snickers and mini Reese Cups. Although full of little nuggets of wisdom, this book is not hearty enough to satisfy those with a deeper appetite for insight and motivation.

Book Review of Poke the Box

Please don’t get me wrong.  I like fun-sized candy.  And I enjoyed Godin’s book. Ultimately, though I was disappointed that he didn’t give more.  I suppose it’s a positive that he whet my appetite.  He just didn’t deliver the main course.

Seth Godin

What is Poke the Box about?  To borrow a phrase, (Nike’s phrase, to be exact) Godin tells us to “Just Do It”.

He makes a significant point – that what is lacking in our world is not education, talent, skill, vision, or creativity – but (my word) gumption.  He sees offices full of dutiful followers, universities pumping out fearful dreamers, and a culture which often confirms that risk is…well… not worth the risk.  Godin defines this risk as “starting something”.  He also emphasizes that truly starting something involves finishing it.  (Those who have been following my Good Idea series will know this is a stand out point for me)!

Seth Godin book reviewDo I recommend Poke the Box?  Yes, I do, as a starting point… and perhaps this how Godin intended it to read.  You’re sure to come away with an emotional sense of “Yeah, I really should just DO this thing that I’ve been thinking about for months/ years/ ever”.  This is not a bad thing.  Godin’s book cheers you on, (“You can do it, you can do it, rah, rah, rah”), but does little coaching (“Yes, you can do it, and here’s a workout you should do every day so that you can succeed on game day.  I’ll do it with you for a while”).

Neither a book – nor a blogger- can solve all of your problems, or walk you all the way through life’s twists and turns.  Godin doesn’t claim this, but his claims are a little too lofty for what Poke the Box delivers.

Read it?  Yes

Savor it?  No



Book Review and Giveaway!


Melissa Michaels, of The Inspired Room, is someone I want to meet, visit with in her home, have coffee with and listen to.   In an unassuming but authoritative way, she nails (or shall we say “pins”) the trouble we get into when our desire for just a little more/ nicer/ better/ newer becomes a current that pulls us away from the things that are actually most important to us.

In her new e-book, Not a DIY Diva – How to Create an Authentically Inspired Life in a Pinterest World, she neatly and warmly packages much of the sentiment she’s shared at her blog over the years.  It’s very interesting to me how she weaves together the ideas of creativity, contentment, function and beauty in our homes.

You’ll find lots of inspiration in this little fifty-some page book, but most of all you’ll find a much needed contrast to the pretty-shiny-image-obsessed culture we live in.  Melissa is not an ascetic.  This is not an “either/or” book.  It is, however, a look at living authentically, and with substance – not appearance – formost in mind.  She’s put together a thoughtful, engaging read.  I’m quite sure that lots of you will enjoy it!  The book is launched tomorrow, October 25, so head on over to The Inspired Room to secure a copy!


1.  This is my first giveaway on Mish Mash Make, and I’m SO excited!  I feel like a grown up blogger.  (Well, maybe an adolescent blogger…).

2.  I’m giving away not ONE, but TWO great e-reads!  First is Melissa’s e-book, Not a DIY Diva.  Secondly, I’m offering  Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process by Blaine Hogan.  (available on iTunes and Kindle)

3.  So how do you get your creative little hands on these goodies?  Just leave a comment on this post telling me why you’re interested!  It’s that easy.  I’ll announce the randomly selected winner on Thursday.

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