52 Fridays: #3 – Arizona

Art tour of America
Arizona is home to 21 recognized Native American tribes, the Grand Canyon, and has a preponderance of artsy folk.  It also has “official neckwear“.  (Who knew?)

Arizona arts and crafts

Bolo Ties at Hubbell Trading Post by Adam Schallau

Arizona really is a rich state for the arts in that it has an ancient history, a variety of cultures today, and beautiful natural resources in metals, gems and wood.  As always, my 52 Fridays galleries really represent things that I respond to (not an official overview of the state’s art) but I’ve tried to include a mix of contemporary, traditional and modern traditional pieces in this mix.  Enjoy!

Arizona silver jewelry

Collarus Magnetic Necklace by Maureen Brusa Zappellini - Tuscon

Arizona bird painting

Shangri La by Raina Gentry - Prescott

Arizona pottery

Green and Tan Tea Bowl by Matt Sterbenz - Tempe

Arizona contemporary art

Recycled Angel by Lemon Oak Studio - Chandler

Arizona painters

Love Deeply with True Grace by Liz Vaughn - Tuscon

Arizona modern art

"Untitled" by Stephen Johnson - Mesa

silver hopi jewelry

Silver Hopi Bracelet, Charles Supplee (d. 2009) - Flagstaff

native hopi art

Sherd Jar with Star by Rainy Naha - Awatovi Mesa

black and white monoprint arizona art

My Pride is too Sly to Hold Back All My Dark by Hayley Cook - Phoenix

fallen tree sculpture arizona

One Night in the Desert by Elizabeth Frank, Tuscon

Next up on the tour… Arkansas!