Columbus Architectural Salvage

During a recent visit to Columbus, I noticed a small paper sign in a not so great part of town… It read, “Columbus Architectural Salvage“.  I was very curious for a number of reasons, so later that day when I had some time to kill, I followed the signs to an unassuming building on an industrial street.

Vintage antique homes

Columbus Architectural Salvage

Inside was a treasure trove.  During the next couple weeks, I’ll introduce you to some of the wonders I found.  I only hope that you are half as excited as I was.  I was really excited.

*One disclaimer:  All of my photos were shot without a flash, and with a 9 month old little one in my other arm.  I feel that my children should be exposed to beautiful things early and often. 🙂  And my husband was busy.

antiques and vintage

front room

Columbus Architectural Salvage

front room, detail

vintage home supplies


this old house


architectural salvage

dressmakers' dummy

vintage buddha sculpture


this old house

mom and li'l d

Believe me, there is much, much more where this came from.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

13 thoughts on “Columbus Architectural Salvage

  1. Steve and I would go there often when we lived in C-bus. (I think this is the same place). We were restoring our old house and found many pieces that brought charm back into our 1900’s fixer-upper. Then, I especially loved the light light fixtures and stone door knobs. (I used too have a ton of knobs that I was gonna craft into a coat rack – too bad I sold them before our move to the Falls.) Soon we’ll be restoring our bathroom here. If we can’t find the right clawfoot tub and pedestal sink, we may need to take a trip south. Thanks for the memories and for sharing.

    • Aren’t old doorknobs the best? I love them. Why are contemporary doorknobs so awful?

      I imagine this is the same place. It was in Grandview for years, and now is just east of the fairgrounds (just off of 71) in South Linden. And, wow, the key in the furnace story sounds like one for the ages!
      xo- Heidi 🙂

  2. We also found skeleton keys to fit our latches for our doors there. Someday I need to tell you the story of how Evan dropped our only key down the heating duct which led to the furnace. Oh noooo… Unfortunately for us, all of the upstairs bedrooms doors were locked and it was the morning of our 1st open house on a Sunday. Let the frenzied calling begin.

  3. I love architectural salvage places. There are none near where I live because there isn’t enough architecture to salvage. Color me envious!. The picture of you and lil’d is so sweet!
    Heather B recently posted..10 on 10My Profile

  4. wow – it’s history! how wonderful to find a place filled with treasures – old and used, but not made into garbage. can’t wait to see more. also that picture of you and your little one – adorable! i don’t know how you managed to TAKE the pictures. happy thursday!
    Noreen Sullivan recently posted..sunshine coming inMy Profile

    • I love the concept of salvage as well. Salvage, thrifting, upcycling- it seems like there’s extra joy in finding new uses for old things.
      – H

  5. Wow, what a treasure trove. I agree with Lauren, I don’t know how you managed to take photos with your little, but kudos. Supposedly, we have some great salvage stores in Los Angeles that I’ve been dying to visit. May just have to live vicariously through you, for now. Thanks for sharing!
    Theresa recently posted..{at this moment…}My Profile

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