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I have four sons, and one daughter.  She may be a minority, but she makes up for it with a mighty personality, full of vision, creativity, leadership, and goofiness.  I am so lucky.

This weekend, she found a leftover pepper on the counter.  She noticed it looked like a flower.  I shared an Edward Weston book from my stash with her, and she spent the morning doing this:

Like mother, like daughter:  there are at least 20 more pepper pix from her shoot.  We like to be prolific.  (By the way, she got the tulip image from a big stack of ripped magazine pages she’s saving.  – She’s not yet on Pinterest!).

When I watch her I see someone who gets an idea and just does it, in a somewhat fearless way.  I see someone who isn’t constrained yet by ideas of what things “should” be like.  I see someone who knows what she likes, responds, and engages it.

I am so grateful that my house is filled with pepper installations, tin-foil cities, stuffed animal schools and a million half-finished projects.  (A quarter of those are mine…)

Is anyone else inspired by their kids’ creativity?  Tell me about it!  I want to be inspired too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pick a Pepper

  1. We can’t really sit at our kitchen table because it is piled with art supplies – pens, markers, paper, gluesticks, scissors, etc. And right beside it is an easel with both a paper roll for painting and a white board underneath.

    I find that having the supplies accessible helps so much in being spontaneous. It then doesn’t happen only when everything is dragged out. I just always knew that I wanted to be a home where we all felt inspired to create and where it was easy to do so.

    I find that I am very inspired by my six year old daughter’s love of creating – creating just about anything. And there is nothing more fun that working on something together….
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  2. Callum told me this weekend that he A) wanted a twitter account and B) thought I should be a model train photographer!

    Your daughter sounds wonderful! I am totally impressed with her and thrilled (not surprised, just thrilled) that you encourage it so much!
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