Part One – Flirting

She was a Terrible Flirt’ by Amy Abshier*


I am a flirt.

Well, I was a flirt in my mix and mingle single days, before I met someone who grabbed my attention and has kept it for a long time.  So, no, I don’t bat my eyelashes or stand “a little too close” when I meet new, interesting men.

These days, I save the eyelash-batting for ideas.  I fall in love with them regularly, and I fall hard.

Idea #1.  I’m going to travel to Africa and import textiles! I’ll collaborate with artisans, host trunk shows, run an online shop, and maybe even open a small boutique.

Idea #2.  I’m going to write a blog in which I interview artists and other creatives.  I will study Terry Gross and Ira Glass and Andy Rooney.  I will be known for both my compassion and direct hits.

Idea #3.  I will open a pie shop with my mother as baker-in-chief.  We will introduce her amazing baking skills to the wider world.

Idea #4.  I’ll go back to school for a masters in … something really fantastic and significant.

Idea #5.  Also, I will eat only foods that are close to the earth.  All the time.  And I will walk everywhere I go. And everywhere I walk, I will be stylishly, yet naturally styled.  Yes, I will have a style, and people will like it.  Maybe I’ll also design clothes … with the textiles that I import…

It happens every time.

I meet a good idea or catch a glimpse of one across the room, and my heart starts to beat a little faster. My eyes sparkle. I get a little sweaty. You wouldn’t believe how good these ideas are when I first think of them.

I lie awake at night imagining our lives together in ten years.  My creative process is in overdrive. Everything shines in technicolor. I’m always so happy during this phase of our relationship… a little high, even.  I get more done around the house, I’m nicer to my family, I call a whole bunch of people to talk.  It feels GOOD to be that close to a good idea.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s come to my attention that I need to commit to some of these ideas. This is where the trouble starts.

Next time, read, “The Honeymoon is Over“.  



*Amy Abshier was raised on the Gulf Coast of Texas, in a small farming and ranching community. She graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and has shown paintings in galleries all over the country, as well as providing illustrations for books and magazines internationally. Check out her Instagram, Curvilinear!  (You won’t regret it. 🙂 )

She’s happily making art and curating an auction house, has two awesome kids, a cranky old cat, and a huge record collection.


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  2. Thanks for introducing me to Amy Abshier-Reyes. I just bought one of her prints on Etsy. And, I agree, it is hard to commit to just one thing! But it’s good the ideas keep coming and you haven’t stopped dreaming. And hello, from BYW.

    1. Oh, I am so glad that you bought from Amy! I am a huge fan of her work. When I started painting, I emailed her and asked her a million questions, which she thoroughly and patiently answered. – She’s a good person, too. 🙂
      And thanks for your encouragement to me!

  3. When I was getting married – I wanted to be a wedding planner! After the wedding, I wanted to build an amazing wedding reception site here (that just doesn’t seem to already exist), but I got over that too…when I had babies. Then I wanted to open a baby everything store, and got over that when sleep deprivation was at it’s worst! Then I began sewing…now all my ideas revolve around, at least, the same topic! (and have for a few years!)… kg (from BYW forum)!

    1. Oh, and someday a nursing home blog! 🙂
      I think it makes total sense that our interests in live tend to revolve around the important things in our lives at the time. That said, I’m
      very glad you’ve settled into your groove – I think your creations are wonderful! I bet your kids think you’re super-cool, too.


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