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Every other Friday night, I have a quiet night at home with Miles and baby D while the older kids are out and about with Dad at their church youth groups.  While they have Bible study, scavenger hunts and Karaoke, we relax in our peaceful home.

This week, Miles and I decided to start a painting club.  We have a very involved secret handshake.  And we both work on painting projects.  We decided that sometimes, we’ll invite other people over to paint with us.

Here is what Miles made:

painting by kidskids artworkkid artI made some stuff too.  Here’s what I noticed.

I had a vision of what I would make.  Miles just made.  My work turned out a bit stilted and contrived.  His flowed.

I worked on my painting until it was over worked.  Miles knew when to put his painting aside and start a new one.

I am not usually so uptight about art, but I think I’m out of practice and was a little anxious. Yes, I was anxious about Friday Night Art Club with Miles.

When I was in school, I had a wonderful drawing teacher – Crossan Hays Curry – who shocked us all in 1st year drawing.  We drew the model, each of working SO hard to demonstrate our lofty 18 year old “skillzz”.  After 30 minutes or so, he asked us to tear off our drawing, wad it up, and throw it in the trash.  We did this every day, every drawing for a month.

Miami University Art

by Crossan Hays Curry

When we were through, we knew that we were students.  We were learners, experimenters, free to make mistakes or make beauty – either way, there would always be another chance tomorrow.

I guess it takes “practice” for grown ups (including 18 year olds) to unlearn our ways and loosen up enough to really be creative.  I treasure the lessons learned that year, and am reminded of them this year in the Miles and Mom Painting Club.

kids art

6 thoughts on “Kids and Art

  1. Isn’t that just the way? I don’t know if it’s our inner critic or just our desire for acceptance (I suppose it’s the same thing!) but as adults we can so overwork our art. I love making art with my daughter – her lines are so fresh and she just does it, just like Miles. Quantity over quality and within that pile, some gems appear…
    Sandra recently posted..Friday Night Dinner – and couples’ dating too!My Profile

  2. awesome! i love the child art, and your art teacher’s method. I had a teacher once who was in his 80s, and he said not to buy fancy, expensive paper, because you wouldn’t want to mess it up. He wanted to you “cover the white” and “splash some paint around”, and it was a true joy to learn from him. Glad you had a similar experience. Maybe this summer, I’ll get some paints out!
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  3. Hi Heidi, I wanted to thank you for stopping my little space and tell you that I’ve been enjoying some time on yours. I like your “52 Fridays” series. You discover some really beautiful art.
    I also enjoyed reading this post. It’s so true, our children can teach us so much. I really need to slow down more and pay attention to the little lessons. I find art created by children so cool. I guess it’s because of the exact things you point out – they have no inhibitions, they don’t overwork it, and they don’t over think it. (Note to self.)
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  4. I LOVE Miles’ creations! The colors are beautiful. I love kid-art in general! Lucie’s kindergarten class was all based around different paintings by famous artists. They made their own versions of the different artwork in different mediums and they were just beautiful. You’d walk down the kindergarten hallway and be amazed by the beauty of their work. I still have all of Lu’s. I intend to frame them someday.
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