Saving a Bit of Summer


It is already getting cold and wintery here in Ohio, so this weekend I decided to bring in a bit of the outdoors in the form of a terrarium. If I’m able, I’ll hold onto a bit of green all winter long.

how to make a terrarium

At the side of the house, our very shady damp yard is turning into a moss garden. I love moss, and am happy to have it as the sole inhabitant in my little glass bowls of green.  I scooped up two small patches for the project.  A little acorn came too.

easy home decorLucky me, I caught the half off sale at Goodwill this weekend and came home with two glass bowls for one dollar.  (If you know me, you know that I can’t drive past a thrift store or tag sale without stopping to look. :))

ideas for thrifty home decorMy kids helped scoop a bit of leftover potting soil into the bottom of each bowl.  Then they collected little rocks and dropped them in so the moss would feel more at home.

natural home decoratingNow, even when we’re snow covered for months, I’ll a have little bright spot in my office, reminding me of the warmth and green to come.

how to make a moss terrariumI may add a few baby ferns to the bowls in the spring, but until then I’ll just spritz the moss to keep it moist, and watch it do it’s moss thing.

7 thoughts on “Saving a Bit of Summer

    • Noreen, I’d like to do a closed terrarium someday. My mom always had one when I was a kid, and it really was like a little world in and of itself. I’d love to see a picture of your class terrarium if you have one! Sounds like a great activity.

  1. i love your terrarium. sometimes we paint milk on to shady rocks and wood to encourage moss growth in our garden. i love moss too x
    {i want moss in a bowl now!}

    • Leah, I’ve heard of using buttermilk to create a kind of moss-in-blender concoction that you can spread outside to grow moss. It seems much simpler to paint milk… I think I’ll try that in the spring! The task I keep avoiding is picking grass out from the moss so that the moss can flourish. Maybe I can convince my kids that it’s a fun activity!

  2. I love bringing moss into the home. I’ve done this before. You’ve inspired me to do so once again – on Thursday when the sun is expected to shine.

  3. Love your terrarium, Heidi! I’ve been wanting to try one, but I’ve been a little concerned about maintenance. (I can be a tad forgetful about plant care.) But, this post encourages me to give it a go.

    • Latoya, honestly – you can’t be more forgetful than I am! 🙂 That’s why the good old moss terrarium is for me! I do encourage you to try one out…and I’d love to see what you come up with if you do. I wanted to just do something very natural, but I do like all the whimsical terrariums I see too… Which do you prefer? (By the way, thanks for connecting again!)
      – H

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