A Mess is Made and I Clean it Up

So I’ve confessed to being the girl with 101 great creative ideas…  Does it follow that one of those ideas is not to clean my house?  Today, however, is the day.  THE day.  The DAY. This blog is about making.  Well, a mess has been made.  Today I aim to make things pretty again.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

artists art crafts

All Crafts, All the Time

Transformers are taking over my house. Really - they are.

messy artist cleans house

Some of my co-conspirators in mess making...

artist cleaning house

Laundry for 7. Need I say more?

Wish me luck, folks…

Tomorrow, tune in for the conclusion of the Too Many Great Ideas series!


4 thoughts on “A Mess is Made and I Clean it Up

  1. I have finally sat down to read your blogs. I have been trying to use my time wisely and not be on FB everyday 5 gazillion hours a day. I have still been on it everyday, but have limited myself to browsing through everyone’s updates. Anyhow, I really really really enjoy your blog posts. I am not an artist with a studio, but I can totally relate to your flirtations with ideas. I do that often as Lina can attest to. She calls me “Idea girl”. My ideas rarely go anywhere – they are very “pie in the sky”. (Speaking of – “Oops there goes another Rubbertree Plant” should be our victory song). Oh well!
    I like that you wrote down all of those ideas, even if you think you may never revisit them again. Just putting them on paper seems like a good first or second step. My first step is usually telling a friend or Ted about them, just to see their faces – is it a go or not? I should write them down too. Well……..after I have cleaned the messes in my house as well.

    • Hi Indre!

      I am cleaning on a timer today (15 minutes at a time) – so I’m writing to you on a break (5 minutes)! You know that you are one of my favorite “idea” friends. 🙂 What I like about you is how often your ideas have to do with how to love and serve other people – and a good number of those have been put into action!

      Thanks for your encouraging words, too. Must be off – the timer’s about to ring…


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