A Secret at the End of the Road


One day a long time ago, I was angry, fuming, sad and despairing.  That snowy morning, I crawled into my car and drove, making the first tracks along the way.  I left the highway, and crossed the narrow bridge over a wintery river, determined to follow the water as long as I could.  When the road veered away from the river, I parked and walked into the woods.    I don’t remember what I was upset about, or how I resolved my feelings. But I know that I walked and prayed and kicked rocks and cried.

I walked, and prayed and kicked rocks and cried and I found my secret place.  There was no sign to indicate where I was (although maybe there was a No Trespassing sign, come to think of it), and I wasn’t even sure how I’d gotten there.

I went in empty and left with treasure.  

Here are some bits of it.

These were taken last weekend when I shared my secret place with a few special people. (I did find my way back….)


4 thoughts on “A Secret at the End of the Road

  1. Don’t we all need a place where we can go…where no one knows where we could be…so we can have it out with ourselves and God?! I sure do…and like you, preferably outside.

  2. hi heidi, it’s nice for me to know you are in ohio, because it looks very familiar. and so beautiful. we are lucky to be here. also it’s amazing how getting outside brings peace, and winter is just as good as summer in that way. i love the backlit berries and the water reflections. glad you found your special place.
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