The Artists Next Door

Bethy and Emily came over yesterday to show me their latest polymer clay wares, and to get some advise about pricing for a show this weekend.  As their next-door neighbor, I’m so excited to see this creative duo in action!  They’re outside the box high school sisters with chutzpah and lots of creative energy.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to them!

polymer clay ideas

Who is that mustachioed stranger? (Oh, it's my neighbor, Bethy!)

polymer clay art

A mug full o' polymer clay fun

polymer clay action figures

Yes, they're Marvel fans...

young artists

The cheeseburger ring is a. ma. zing!!

high school artists

Emily and Bethy of Pandora's Heart

This dynamic duo has a new Etsy shop. Check out Pandora’s Heart to find out more of what these girls are up to.  – Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “The Artists Next Door

  1. I wish I could see those cute little things with my own eyes…they are so finely made! I bet they will be sold out right when they are out at the show!

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