Red Rake


Last week it snowed.  We realized that we’d waited too long to rake, so this sunny weekend was it.  I counted the trees in our yard – not including saplings, rhododendrons and azaleas, there are over 100!  That’s  a lot of leaves.  The Japanese maple leaves are almost all fallen, and they created a glowing red carpet on the ground.  I had to take a raking break to grab my camera!  (My husband told me to get back on task).

Our entire family worked in the yard – even baby was out there for a little while on his blanket.  At first, I was secretly hoping that a neighbor would see us, happily working together and being all Norman Rockwell-ish.  Then the fights started breaking out.  We have opinionated rakers, apparently.  I secretly hoped my neighbors had gone inside.

We finished the back yard, and all in all it was great day.  There is something just plain good about being outside, working, being with family (fighting is not so good) and getting something accomplished that we all feel proud of.  I think we’ll do a family project next weekend too… our basement has become the last frontier.  Please don’t expect any cute pictures next Monday though! The basement is not cute.

What did you do this weekend?  Any projects?  Any family time?  Other good things?  

8 thoughts on “Red Rake

  1. Hi Heidi,
    Amazing pictures! Really beautiful. The leaves are spectacular and the kids adorable. i bet everyone ate well and slept well after all that exercise. And such a good feeling of accomplishment. We had a recovery weekend. I made a lasagna! I love to make them, but they take time so it is a “nesting” thing. A joy.
    Happy new week,

    • Mmm… nesting with a lasagna sounds like a good way to start the week! Glad you were able to relax over the weekend. 🙂
      – Heidi

    • Thank you, Leah. And yes, the rakes are huge (of course my kids must have the big rakes, not the little ones that are just for them. 🙂 )
      take care – Heidi

  2. I like the picture of the boy in the leaf pile. It embodies favorite fall days as a kid jumping in the leaf pile and then resting in it.

  3. Such wonderful pictures, Heidi, I would have had to get my camera too. Love the vibrant red of the leaves. I’m so enjoying the autumn leaves, as they change colours, fall to the ground and cover everything up. I must admit though that I’m quite glad I don’t have to rake up any of them. But it sounds like you had a good day at it.

    • I imagine that you would have gotten your camera, and a sketchpad too! 🙂 I wonder how fall in Switzerland is different from and similar to fall in NE Ohio….
      Enjoy your day!
      – Heidi

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