You can’t be on a college campus or a city street for too long before you pass a utility pole or pipe like one of these.  They are street art billboards and artifacts – vestiges of the aspirations and siren songs of hopeful DJs, artists, and activists, layered one upon the other in efforts to be fresh, first, seen.

I love the unplanned, organic press of words, colors, and shapes, all asking for attention.  In San Francisco, I was had enough time on my hands to ponder such a pole. (I love the days when I have enough time to stare at a phone pole.) I think each of them are art enough on their own, but because I had no means of chopping a piece out and taking it home, I thought I’d snap some pics, flatten out the chaos, and paint what I saw.

I’ll start with the details of the paintings, because in a way, these isolated areas are more representative of the billboard/ phone pole vibe.

“No Sleep Till…” detail
“Gazetteer” detail

These are acrylic and found paper, on small canvases, 6″x10″ or so, and if you’ve been to my house, you can see them hanging in the front hallway.  They make me happy, so I’ve kept them for a while.

“No Sleep Till…” on brick
“No Sleep Till…”


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