“That’s Thrif-tastic!”

Today I’m introducing you to the first of “Heidi’s Greatest Thrift Store Steals”.  Why? Because I L-O-V-E getting a bargain, and I love to tell people how little I paid. (I know it’s obnoxious.  Sorry).  To be honest, I’d rather be thrifting, flea marketing or even trash-picking (my little table is trash picked!) than trolling same-old, same-old overpriced shops.

All the props in these pix are mine, and they were all either free or bought second hand.

Thrifty home decor

  • The mid-century Danish modern chair is a favorite.  I can’t believe I picked it up for $7.00! I’ve seen these for around $200.  Yay!
  • Love the crazing on this little green vase, and it’s just the right size for small bouquets.
  • I curb-side-rescued the little table, which I’m thinking of painting turquoise. The books are second hand, including a wonderful old Webster’s Dictionary for Boys and Girls.
  • I included the white picture frame because I have a bazillion frames that I’ve thrifted and used for my paintings.  Buying new “just right” frames is convenient but SO expensive!

Vintage gold chair

  • I have big dreams for this crazy hexagonal throne.  I’m not much for reupholstering, and I kind of like the gold velvet, so I think that will stay.  I’d like to paint the wood though…any suggestions?
  • Recently, I scored this lovely original print.  I did my best to track down info about the artist, but no luck.  I love original artwork, especially when I can afford it!
  • Oh, I have to mention the fabric that is covering my little table.  That came from one of about six big boxes of upholstery samples that I was given.  It’s my own little treasure trove (I do share, though – so if you live nearby, come and get some)!
  • Lastly, the silver candlesticks.  These are in pretty consistant rotation at the Goodwill. I’m slowly filling my mantel with all sorts of mis-matched silver.
Alright, there you have it – Heidi’s Thrift Store Steals for the day (believe me, there are more to come)!  What about you?  What are your favorite bargains?  – I know you have one or two…. Do tell!