“That’s Thrif-tastic!”

Today I’m introducing you to the first of “Heidi’s Greatest Thrift Store Steals”.  Why? Because I L-O-V-E getting a bargain, and I love to tell people how little I paid. (I know it’s obnoxious.  Sorry).  To be honest, I’d rather be thrifting, flea marketing or even trash-picking (my little table is trash picked!) than trolling same-old, same-old overpriced shops.

All the props in these pix are mine, and they were all either free or bought second hand.

Thrifty home decor

  • The mid-century Danish modern chair is a favorite.  I can’t believe I picked it up for $7.00! I’ve seen these for around $200.  Yay!
  • Love the crazing on this little green vase, and it’s just the right size for small bouquets.
  • I curb-side-rescued the little table, which I’m thinking of painting turquoise. The books are second hand, including a wonderful old Webster’s Dictionary for Boys and Girls.
  • I included the white picture frame because I have a bazillion frames that I’ve thrifted and used for my paintings.  Buying new “just right” frames is convenient but SO expensive!

Vintage gold chair

  • I have big dreams for this crazy hexagonal throne.  I’m not much for reupholstering, and I kind of like the gold velvet, so I think that will stay.  I’d like to paint the wood though…any suggestions?
  • Recently, I scored this lovely original print.  I did my best to track down info about the artist, but no luck.  I love original artwork, especially when I can afford it!
  • Oh, I have to mention the fabric that is covering my little table.  That came from one of about six big boxes of upholstery samples that I was given.  It’s my own little treasure trove (I do share, though – so if you live nearby, come and get some)!
  • Lastly, the silver candlesticks.  These are in pretty consistant rotation at the Goodwill. I’m slowly filling my mantel with all sorts of mis-matched silver.
Alright, there you have it – Heidi’s Thrift Store Steals for the day (believe me, there are more to come)!  What about you?  What are your favorite bargains?  – I know you have one or two…. Do tell!


16 thoughts on ““That’s Thrif-tastic!”

  1. Heidi- you must come over and see the cool antique church pew I got free from work! It looks great in my dinning room. Yesterday I was wondering why your cool chair was hanging outside, now I know.
    We like your new van but we thought you were going to get something along the lines of the Mystery Mobile or maybe the Patridge Family bus….

    • I will definitely come over to see your pew! I bet it looks perfect in your dining room. You have such a great style – just the right mix of rustic, preppy and CLEAN! 🙂 And no, we did not get our bus, or Dodge Sprinter Wagon, but are SO happy with our 8 seater. Now we have room to breathe, and the kids can bring (1) friend legally.

  2. Wonderful finds, and so beautifully photographed! I love that blue chair on top, it’s marvellous, and the green vase! I love thrift shops too, and we have a lot of them here, they’re very popular. My favourite recent buy is a “Hirschsofa” (“stag sofa”) – no idea why they’re called so. It’s from around the 1920s, and since it was never used, it’s in perfect condition. The fabric is hideous, though, and so I took it to an upholsterer, where it has been for over a year now – because I simply can’t decide on the fabric. *sigh* Thankfully, my upholsterer is very patient and understanding…

    • Thank you so much! I would love to go thrifting with you (although the expense of an overseas flight might make it not so thrifty…) :). Anyhow, I googled Hirschsofa – they are beautiful! How nice that you found one in good condition. On another day I might feel differently, but today I really liked this one done in cowhide. Hope you’re having a good week!
      – Heidi

    • The weather here has been beautiful this week, so it was the perfect opportunity to go outside! I really don’t know what I’ll do when it gets gray and dreary. I don’t do so well with indoor photography. I’ll have to pick up some tricks.

  3. To go buy at thrift shops and to find good stuff there are totally different things, and I think you do the latter such an elegant and stylish way!! It must be interesting to go hunt for treasure at thrift stores with you because I think I will definaty find some really good old stuff with a taste…(you kniw, I am so bad at finding good stuff even at pricy stores…). looking forward to the beautiful photos of your future thrift-astic stuff!

    • I would love to tag-sale/ thrift with you! Maybe we can do it on our American art tour. 🙂

      Anyhow, I think I tend to find good deals b/c I stop by every couple weeks. I get out my “spontaneous purchase” yahoos at 2nd hand stores. I have fun, and it only costs me a couple bucks!

  4. Wow! You are a great finder! And your photos are beautiful, and the collage! Lovely. Heidi, I’m happy for you. I agree with you about the gold on the throne chair, but I have no idea what to paint the wood. Enjoy your treasures, and thanks for sharing.


  5. Heidi, i have just discovered your blog via BYW. These are so seriously cool finds! A mid-century chair for $7, I am jealous. I love the gold on the throne chair, i would probably paint the wood either white or grey… gorgeous treasures…

    • Leah, Thanks for stopping by! And honestly, thanks for the suggestions re: the chair. I’ve been stuck. I do like yellow and gray a lot… I’ll have to bring home some swatches to see what temperature of gray looks good.
      Take care!

    • Thanks, Rebekah! I take that comment seriously (I’ve checked out your amazing Vintage Style Event services and blog – Oh Wow. I Love.

      I want to say that you must have a fun life, but I have a dear friend who does event planning and decor, so I know that you work very hard. I will certainly be following you on A&B Creative for some inspiration!

      Take care,
      – Heidi

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